Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pune Day 3 Just after lunch - with some pictures

Lots of stray dogs around the campus. Who are given
plenty of love by the students.

Suntanning statues.

A stunning campus, whether you are into the post modernist
style or not.
It's been a morning of watching films, creating themes and translating them, when we can, into insight statements.

All the students are learning to 'see' for the first time. One example from this morning; I was being taken through a bunch of films of a local railway station. People were queueing, buying tickets, waiting on the platforms and boarding trains. Great film making skills and lots of interesting observations. I started to have a think about what I couldn't see. Something I tend to do when I have seen everything I can see.

"Are the trains late or on time usually?"

Before I had even finished asking the question, one of the students had logged onto a railway website showing all the expected vs actual train times for the last few weeks.

"Have a look at this..."

All without exception were between 20 to 45 minutes LATE!

"So everything we are seeing on these films can be framed by people having no idea how long they will have to wait." I ventured.

Thoughtful silence.

"Think about how stressful not knowing is." I pushed. "And signage won't help because the information systems don't exist. So what can you do as a bunch of Industrial designers? Are you even needed here?"

They have gone away to watch and to think some more.

I will report back.

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