Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pune Day 2 evening

It has been a relatively quiet day.

Students filmed patient physician interactions at a local clinic. They even caught an emergency arrival of a patient in the midst of a stroke. Obviously such footage is kept under lock and keys and will be returned to the physician in charge.

Tomorrow, as I keep reminding them all, is the day we generate themes from the films - or cluster them, pull out key observations and see if we can't translate them into insights. We will be trying hard reframe the ordinary as extraordinary.

I will be posting outputs from tomorrow so do stay tuned.

Finally, three interesting discoveries/anecdotes:

1) Do you know why 90% of Indian Android phones are dual sim? Even the S4 in this country has two sim card slots. The reason is that networks are so flaky that when one cuts out people need to be able to immediately switch to another. So dual sims are vital.

2) Do you know how many Indians are killed on railway lines each year? Conservative figures say 60,000 and most agree on around 100,000 deaths a year.

3) Indian train carriages have doors but they are left open through out the journey!


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