Friday, February 8, 2013

A new journey

When we finished working on our EthOS app back in 2010, little did we know that (using the lyrics of the Carpenters) we had only just begun. And here I am, just over two years later, working on a completely new service called EthOS journeys.

EthOS journeys has all of the best bits of our current EthOS mobile app/platform, but it also allows clients to follow buying/decision journeys over time. And without giving too much away, participants can create their own journeys and once followed by clients, receive incentives. So imagine someone is buying a car, choosing a new bank account or even having a baby for the first time. These are all examples of journeys participants can capture and get followed on. Clients can also create their own private journey templates to invite participants to. The new tools we will be offering are designed to navigate, analyse and add meaning to data which by definition is very messy and chaotic. More on the tools in a later post.

Now I need your input. We plan to go live in 10 weeks from now. But before we go live, we need to choose and publish 10 journey templates to invite participants to. And we are inviting anyone to propose a journey topic and tasks here. If we choose to publish/broadcast your journey and participants start capturing against it, you can follow all of them at no cost for a maximum of three months.

So please use the link and give us your best shot.

More on this soon.