Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas ethno study - ideas needed

(A fun video for family and friends courtesy of Jib Jab)

Those people downloading our EthOS app for iPhone - the consumer version - are prompted to fill in a questionaire (sic). Reason for misspelling is that it will come up in searches more easily.

Anyway, this consumer version is free, aimed at respondents and uncomplicated which is why we thought we could use each download as an opportunity to build a panel of our own.

To kick things off and begin engaging with our 'panel' (can I call 12 people a panel?), we have decided to run a Christmas ethnography study. Nothing heavy. Perhaps 4 simple tasks using video, photo, audio and text. One entry for each medium.

Question is: can any of you help me with the tasks? I need ideas. Complete proposals in fact with a seasonal theme. I'll send a new latest generation iPod touch (which works beautifully with our App) along with a promotonal code for the pro version to the individual sending the best tasks/themes to explore using each medium.

Finally, outputs from our min-ethno-study will be showcased on this blog.

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