Monday, June 7, 2010

Key concepts in anthropology

OK, here is the request to end all requests. The question to end all questions:

Below is a list of key concepts in anthropology.

1 Agent & Agency
2 Alterity
3 Auto Anthropology*
4 Children*
5 Classification
6 Code*
7 Cognition
8 Common sense*
9 Community*
10 Consciousness*
11 Contradiction
12 Conversation*
13 Culture*
14 Cybernetics
15 Dialogics and analogics
16 Discourse
17 Gender
18 Gossip*
19 Home and homelessness
20 Individualism*
21 Individuality*
22 Interaction
23 Irony
24 Kinship
25 Ritual & Routine*
26 Power*
27 Belief*
28 Space*

I would like to invite you to choose a concept, or two or three and set out explain them in more detail. Detail which is relevant and comprehensible to researchers who are not anthropologists. The asterisked concepts are ones we tend to deconstruct everyday life events with the most, the ones we feel most comfortable with.

In return, I will find appropriate films/clips from our archives to bring each definition to life.

Is that a fair transaction?

Shouldn't transaction be a concept? If you think I have missed anything, please let me know.



  1. What about gifts and exchanges?

  2. what about football?

  3. Why didn't this get any response? I'm just curious how many people read your blog and why so little participation? If I knew what I was talking about I would definitely engage more....hmmm....