Monday, July 26, 2010

Drama vs reality

Here is a very interesting post I stumbled upon.

I remember when I was in South Africa doing research on a brief for a Black Skin study with Unilever, I came across this exact phenomena. It was amazing how everyone I spoke to told me stories of their lives which followed an almost identical 'story arc'.


Friday, July 9, 2010

MRS mobile insights conference

I was asked to talk about my app which I did. So why did they say my talk was a brazen sales pitch? Especially when the Blackberry version is free to download for now.

Actually it's an excellent summary of the event and I am flattered with this quote: "he was the only person speaking with a genuinely groundbreaking research technique..."

Perhaps next time (I am talking about the App again in Copenhagen in September) I will focus more on learnings from current projects which, as I type, are still confidential.


Beta Blackberry app to play with

Here it finally is for those of you who have been waiting. And if you like, have a play around with the webapp Beta too.

The big difference between this and the iPhone App is that it's designed to allow events to be captured instantly and then have themes/project attached. You won't have to set up each event and then capture it.

The consumer version of the iPhone App works in exactly the same way and soon, the pro version of the iPhone App will be updated to work in the same way.

Please let me know how you do. I would also love to hear any comments you might have.