Sunday, May 9, 2010

Playing with the big boys

Last week I had a mild panic attack. Perhaps not a panic attack, more of an anxiety attack. And here's why.

The web and iPhone/Blackberry Apps we are developing are taking off. And about time too. Users are falling into two groups; individuals and companies who will be subscribing to our service the same way one would subscribe to Yousendit or Basecamp and those who want bespoke solution, across their markets and tens of thousands of employees.

All good news.

But suddenly things get a little complicated:

Siamack we need service contracts.

Fine, we'll sort these out.

How much for cloud servers?

We'll look into it.

Subscription to you webAPP?

Not sure yet...

Payment gateways?

No idea who to use.

Analysis and reporting because you are the guys best suited...?

Well, other agencies should be involved too but happy to take the lead.


Goes without saying.


No problem I reply.

To 9000 employees? And kick start with the South Africa world cup?

Now you see where my anxiety attack stemmed from. I didn't let it consume me though. I picked up the phone to a nice man who might be able to sleep at night.

I will keep you posted on discussions with the nice man which start next week.

If any of you have thoughts in the meantime, you know my email address.


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