Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Behold the consumer version of our App

We are nearly there with it - the consumer version of the iPhone App. For the masses. Which will also form the basis of what I hope will become the world's largest panel... (no I am not on prescription medication)

We knew we wanted it to be free in the App store. We also knew we wanted it to be easier to use. What we didn't count on is that we would have something considerably better than the current version of our professional iPhone App selling for £6.99 (or $11.99) in the App store.

Why better? When we launched the original App we changed developer to a great little husband and wife team based in the West Midlands (details on request). Their first reaction to the App was that it was the wrong way around.

Me: What do you mean?

Iphoneappdev: Well, at the moment, you have to first enter a project, add your themes and then take a picture, video or whatever it is you need to capture. Now if we were in the field, we'd want to first capture the event without even worrying about where it should go or how it should be tagged. Then, in our own time, we'd associate it with a project, themes, etc...

Me: Oh?

Iphoneappdev: We'll send you a version to play with.

And so they did. It was beautiful. Much more intuitive and extremely quick when it came to grabbing an event.

So the tail is now wagging the dog meaning that the free consumer version has become the basis of a new update for the professional version. But to those who have paid good money for the pro App, know that the new, right way round, pro version will have features not available on the consumer version.

I will let you know when the consumer version it's out (expect it by end of next week) so you can download and play with it. Importantly you will be able to use our webAPP (beta) in conjunction with it for the very first time.

Finally, stay tuned for some exciting news about the Blackberry version of the App and the South African world cup.


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