Monday, May 3, 2010

We're calling it, EthOS

We are working extremely hard to deliver the webAPP against a deadline. For those of you who don't know, the webAPP is the web application to which content such as video and pictures are sent when using our iPhone/Blackberry App.


Amazing because I wrote out a simple spec for a site which would
allow me to analyse, share and collaborate with events captured and people who captured them on using our iPhone App. A team of two specialist firms took the spec and came up with what you can see below. The final version will be up and running, cloud hosted, in early June. The screen grabs should be self explanatory.

Entry view - note ratings, map view and comments

Main project view page - note 'filter results' which will enable entries to be sorted by theme, time of day, media type to name a few variables. Keyword search will also be available.

Once filtered, entries can be dragged and dropped to a work area. Users/clients with different permission levels can collaborate.

It will also be possible to upload entries without our App directly via the site. Other features will include 'skinning' and pushing objectives, themes out to researchers in the field.

As always, your thoughts and comments would be greatly valued.


  1. Another great step in your APP / webAPP development. One question though: what is 'skinning'?

  2. Hi Simon - by 'skinning' I mean the ability to attach your own colours/branding to the site.