Wednesday, July 1, 2009

15 Years condensed to 15 minutes...

AQR ethnography from researchtalk on Vimeo.

Surinder Siama of, Research Talk, kindly agreed to film my talk a few weeks back for the AQR. I also asked Greg Rowland to join me and help provide semiotic perspectives on the clips I was using to explain ethnographic analysis. I think he stole the show.

The day was divided into a morning all about theory and an afternoon, using freshly captured breakfast footage, all about the process of analysis and interpretation.

The clip, covers the morning session, and has been edited to a mere 15 minutes in length so go get a coffee/tea/whiskey before sitting down to view it.



  1. Really cool. I wish I could have attended this. Please, please, please consider doing this class again. Maybe in the U.S.?
    Lori Wahl, BigInsightz

  2. Great Video!

    Any intention to work or have partners in Mexico? I'm a qualitative resercher, mostly in focus groups because clients don't dare to do ethnography, maybe with a partner like you it would be easier.

    In any case, i would continue to visit the blog.

    Gustavo Lemus