Monday, July 20, 2009

Show stopping TV ads

We filmed this as part of a larger study to understand how people watched TV across the day. We recorded continuously for one month. Can you even begin to comprehend how much data we ended up with? And this is before the days of digital editing (for non-professionals anyway) and before the days of DVD recording. Everything was captured using a video player, a multiplexer and a video camera. This allowed us to capture picture-in-picture recordings (see bottom left of screen) to see exactly what was being watched, when and by who.

Frustratingly, in some of the 10 households, we saw little but hours and hours of the family dog sitting up and watching TV. In others, however, we captured amazing footage. This clip falls under the 'amazing' footage category which we stacked under a theme we called 'Show Stoppers'. It begins with the start of an ad break during Saturday morning WWF wrestling. What they were watching sort of explains the behaviour of the youngest... Between 00:37 and 01:07 a Volvo ad comes on. Keep your eyes on dad. We saw many examples/variations of this kind of behaviour. And context was key - in this case the row taking place.

Can anyone tell me what Dad is doing? Best reply wins an excellent book, 'The Little Book of Twitter' And if you are not into Twitter then you can give it to someone who is.

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