Monday, July 20, 2009

Inside the consumers' shoe

We made the above film a long time ago to test out some new equipment we were experimenting with.

The camera was hidden inside a kid's frames - he was short sighted anyway - and we asked him to record all day long. We ended up with around 4 tapes (6 hours) which included the journey by bus to and from school, shopping in the suprmarket with mum, TV viewing and all meal times.

A few methodological learnings:

1) Seeing is not the same as percieving. Just because he looked did not mean he saw. Made me terribly unconvinced about eye-tracking techniques and associated post rationalisation
2) The footage was hard to work with. We had to review it 4 times to make sure we had cut out everything we believed to be important
3) Nothing matched this approach for obtaining naturally occuring discussions and decison making

I am sharing because I am curious. Have any of you used such cameras before? And I don't mean eye-tracking...

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