Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sneak preview

It's no secret that we are developing an ethnographic app for iPhone. Well, at first it will be for the iPhone and before long for Android and Blackberry too.

So here (left) is a screen grab of one the pages. It has taken us an age to put together the graphics mainly because I am such a useless writer of graphic design briefs. In the end I resorted pulling together an artboard of images, textures and styles that I liked. I assembled them on a page and emailed it to the designer. Again his interpretation was awful. Not because his work was awful but because I had completely crushed his creativity with my numerous incongruous instructions and confused ideas.

In the end, he arrived at a place I feel very excited about. Can any readers tell me the inspiration for the above design? If you guess correctly and own an iPhone (ideally a 3Gs) I'll give the app. away to the first 5 replies.

We should launch the app. late September.


  1. Hi Siamack,
    I'd love to see your new app. (I love my own iPhone too)
    --Susan Dray

  2. Susandra, email you and I'll send you the beta to play around with. Which iPhone do you have?

  3. Hi Siamack,

    I'm quite interested to hear about an ethno tool in a mobile phone: intrusiveness of phone is almost null :). Indeed I use general mobile tools in field

    So, I'd like to know more about your approach defining it. Hope to see the tool soon.

    P.S.: bad luck, I'm with the green robot aka android. But congrats anyway for your initiative

  4. To answer your above question about the "inspiration for the above design" looks like an old transister radio or tape recorder to me :)

  5. Actually the visual references are from my dad's Leica M3...