Thursday, September 10, 2009

Interesting conversation with Australia

We are looking to open an office in Sydney early next year. Partners have been found, discussions had and agreements reached - by phone. This is a summary of one particular conversation:

Potential partner: You know what, Siamack? EverydayLives isn't a brand. You are the brand.
Me: That's not right... EverydayLives is a very well known brand all over.
Potential partner: No, you are the very well known brand all over...
Me: *speechless*
Potential partner: If you don't believe me, just Google 'EverydayLives' and then 'Siamack Salari' to see which one gives the most results.
Me: Siamack gives the most results...
Potential Partner: I rest my case. And look, this is my point; you are the bottle neck in your organisation. YOU are bigger than your organisation. So I'll bet everyone wants YOU to work personally on their projects.
Me: Yes...
Potential Partner: So how can you grow?
Me: And EverydayLives needs to be bigger than me?
Potential Partner: Exactly. And that's the challenge we will have when we kick things off in January.

So I can't wait to see what they do with us a a brand in January. Will keep you posted.



  1. Hi Siamack,
    Interesting measure of a "Brand" here.

    I am not sure it is correct to equate search engine ranking with the projection of you or your companies brand recognition.

    I think this is a miss-understanding really.
    I looked at and and neither your site or blog rates a rank with Alexa, Compete or Quantcast.

    Do you have Google analyitcs installed on your website? I see it is installed on Ethnosnacker but this may a tag set by Blogger?

    Have you done any Search Engine Optimization or Directory Submissions or Back Link building for your site.

    If we run a social media search we will likely find your name occurs more often because you update blog postings more often than there are changes on the Everydaylives website?

    Would be happy to talk more if you like.

    Cheers Mate

  2. Russ - would love to talk more... Can you email me here: siamack AT everydaylives DOT com. Thanks.

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