Saturday, June 6, 2009

My AQR Talk

EXCELLENT AQR seminar by Siamack Salari (supported by Greg Ro... on Twitpic

My AQR ethnography workshop took place on Thursday and I thought you'd be interested in downloading and viewing the films we made specifically for the afternoon 'seeing skills' session. There are three breakfast films in total (each between 10-20 minutes long) and all filmed in the UK.

Note they are crudely edited as they would normally be used in early stage Question Generation Workshops (which I was simulating). We run these sessions with clients so they can see occasions raw to colaboratively stimulate question generation, theme identification and early observations/actions.

Yes, we are into open authorship.

An article about our full process is in the works...


  1. Siamack,
    I find these three sequences totally fascinating as examples not only of superb camerawork from almost every point of view, but more importantly as superb explorations of the human (anthropological) condition. If anthropology is about one thing, it is about the study of what makes us humans, and these films are a beautiful exploration of just that. It has a quality of primary data, beautfifully executed, that could be used in a multitude of situations.

    Please I do hope you will be happy if I show them to my students to exemplify what a powerful tool video is when skilfully used.

    All the best MIKE YORKE