Monday, October 27, 2008

Sharing resources: a thought.

The other day we were in one of those client workshops where a bunch of (qual) agencies were invited to bond with the client, better understand their research needs moving forward and be introduced to new managers.

It was a fun day. And we were the only (fundamentalist) ethnographic research agency present which made me think we were the only 'real deal' ethnographic player. We were if you consider naturalistic observations and spending 2-3 days with respondents as key components of ethnographic research.

Why, I asked myself, doesn't everyone else use video like us? Well, it's expensive. You have to pay an experienced video ethnographer/employee to not only film but to edit the events. Then the films have to be co-discovered, analysed and interpreted.

A thought occurred to me. And I emailed our client with the thought: Should any of your other research suppliers wish to do naturalistic observational research, we will do it for them! And we will do it at cost. The same cost that I have to pay as an employer with a very small admin fee on top. As long as my time isn't used and we don't have to do any analysis or interpretation, we will offer our ethnographers as an in house resource to anyone who needs them, anywhere in the world.

And why not? At first it was meant as an offer exclusively to fellow agencies at the client workshop. But today I thought I would open the offer to any qualitative research agency who needs trained, experienced and professional video ethnographers.

The only issue will be how busy we are and whether or not we can free up our people to work on other people's projects. Well, let's see how many requests we get. If you are a client and want the same, go here. Share/Bookmark

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