Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Buying vs experiencing and remorse

Here is an interesting blog post by Art Markman.

Came across it via LinkedIn.

Thoughts on a postcard please!



  1. I really liked the blog post on Remorse and Buying. Looking at it from a psychological point of view, there is a difference in the lasting effects of the brain chemicals involved in activities such as buying and item or an experience. The effect of dopamine on shopping does not really last that long. I mean you get that shot of dopamine which causes this feeling of excitement and euphoric anticipation of owning an item that you really want, or convinced that you want. But after you buy the item, the effects of dopamine wears off causing one to second guess a purchase.

    But buying experiences, especially really good, relaxing, or creative ones, could increase the “feel-good” serotonin levels (especially in those with already low levels which is quite common in our stressed-filled society). This increase causes one to feel good. It may increase self confidence, sex drive, appetite, hopefulness, all of which may last for a longer period of time because experiences involves the whole person and lives longer in our memories.

    Now from an Anthropological point of view, commodity fetishism could explain the remorse because items are symbolic of economic value, status, class etc. But in our society with new innovations coming from everywhere, things seem to lose their symbol and value more quickly. So there is no real satisfaction because, in a couple of weeks, there will always be something better and more valuable than what you bought. But with buying an experience, you connect with and learn more about your new human experience which is always individually unique and therefore more symbolic and valuable to the person. No competition there.

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