Friday, January 27, 2012

Bad to worse in one easy step.

I once heard Bill Gates say that if an organisation is already disorganised and chaotic, introducing new technology will only compound the chaos. But if an organisation is organised and well managed with efficient systems and procedures in place, technology, will compound or amplify that efficiency. In summary, technology will make good, better and bad, even worse.

First example: many years ago, as a student, I used to work as a starter chef in a restaurant called Pudseys in Bristol. We used to have a very ancient and slow microwave oven which our head chef believed slowed us down. One evening I turned up to fins a brand new high powered industrial microwave in it's place. And this is what happened...

With the old microwave, a sauce would be placed inside and because it was so slow, the chefs could do half a dozen other things before the bell sounded. The new microwave was too fast and slowed us down. The chef had no time to do anything else but stand next to it and wait. The cumulative effect was that everything slowed down. What is more, we never managed to crack a way of having ot's speed work to our advantage.

And here, dear readers,  is another example.


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