Tuesday, June 7, 2011

50 philosophy ideas you really need to know!

Want to think 'outside the box'? (OK I hate this cliché too) Then get this great book that I'm stuck into right now. It will seriously pull and stretch your mind in every direction. Things you didn't even know you didn't know. Concepts would never have believed we worth contemplating - only for their significance is revealed to you.

I wish be honest though and reveal that, so far, I have only really understood 2 of the 50 ideas. And have kinda understood a further 15. Not a good score. But it's such a great read that I am determined to not let go until I can explain each idea, in simple terms, to my 7 year old twins.

So, why pay for something like this when I can send it to you for FREE!

Here's the catch. You must know by now that we have a mobile research platform called EthOS. But did you know that we are launching it on the 7th of July? Well, soft launching it. July and summer break is not a great time of year for launching any service. So we will have a full launch in mid September.

Back to the catch. We are trying to come up with a strap line for the App which is called EthOS (Ethnographic Observation System). The best strap line idea - even if we don't use it - will win a free copy of this book.

And let me close by suggesting that you sign up with EthOS and give it a whirl before we go live and start charging.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!



  1. Just an idea for a strap line:

    Feeling like a number? Then make YOU count with the EthOS research app. Your life, our value.

  2. Subaddict - I like that!