Monday, May 9, 2011

What does competition mean?

My definition of competition:

When someone else elbows their way into your territory and takes your clients away from you.

In my case it could mean a company who starts offering what we do, same fee band and process. So, should we feel threatened?


Because the more people/agencies do what we do the more easily we can differentiate ourselves and the more mainstream our approach becomes. The more mainstream our approach becomes, the more clients there will be to share among us. So why do I feel concerned each time someone sends me a link to companies doing similar things to us?

You all know about our ethnography app, right? Watch this and this.

A couple of weeks ago a colleague sent me this link. And yesterday I stumbled upon this app. So I made my wife watch both clips for her reaction.

"It's exactly what you're doing... isn't it?"

"Not really. These is for consumers."

"So is your app. And I suppose you just have to accept that more and more people will start doing similar things to you."

Which is a good thing, no? As long as we are ten steps ahead of them it's a wonderful thing.


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