Monday, October 4, 2010

Start a dialogue with your consumers - one to one

Here's a build on last week's post about 2D or QR barcodes.

Those of you who know, our Web Application allows project managers to create a project, insert themes/questions/topics and then 'push' the project to an unlimited number of colleagues or consumers. The difficulty will be the need to have a panel or list of emails willing to participate prepared (and paid for) in advance.

A 2D barcode will allow something altogether different to happen. Place a code on any brand with a project embedded within the code. The brand is a jar of Nutella in our case. On scanning the code using our EthOS pro or consumer app, a project is launched for the user to accept or reject. And so begins a dialogue with the consumer - which may include questions such as: a) Show us how you eat your Nutella; b) Tell us why you buy the size of jar you buy? and c) Have you ever recycled the jar? Show us how. Yes you may need to incentivise consumers with cash or vouchers or a competition. But the point is that you begin to create your own community of engaged users who want to talk about the way your brand fits into their lives.

Here is a film we found very hard to make...


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  1. Siamack

    I've been fascinated with the possibilities relating to QR codes since I first found them ... and yes, they can be used to chat with or solicit info from shoppers, consumers, etc. I recently used a QR code in a presentation piece for a non-profit I'm on the board of ... which enabled people who scanned it to link directly to the website. But you've taken it one step further - linking to a survey, a place to submit user photos or videos, etc.

    Absolutely amazing how things are changing!

    John Thomas
    Managing Partner
    H. I Thomas Consulting Group, LLC