Monday, October 18, 2010

Are we there yet? An Invitation

One thing I have come to learn about the app development world is that your work is never complete. Our App seems to be in permanent Beta as we add new functionality, test it, get feedback and test it some more before a new idea for new functionality pops into our heads and the cycle is repeated.

That said, we are a day away from completing the final major support beam which holds up our App and web App: permissions. Permissions will allow you to invite hundreds of users to take part in projects and view entries - the instructions and themes simply appear on their app and they can decline or accept.

Functionality such as 2D barcode reader/project launcher will also appear this week depending on how fast iTunes approvals works this time.

I would like to therefore cordially invite you to play with our App and web App. Note the iPhone version comes in free consumer and €9.99 pro versions. And the web App, for the time being, for evaluation purposes, is free. Please go here to register and download the apps. If you need the Blackberry version, please contact me and I'll get it to you along with instructions. The Android version will be ready in November.



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