Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things people say which make me think very too hard about what I do

Someone at my father-in-law's summer barbeque asked me what I did for a living. As a rule telling the truth is best avoided because I get really bored of having to answer the second question which always quickly follows, “Are you analyzing me right now?” But this particular individual didn't ask me that question. Instead, here is what followed:
“Holiday videos…” he started, “become your memories, don’t you think?”
“You know... when you watch a video of your holiday, you forget your real holiday because the video replaces that reality and becomes your only memory.”
“I never thought about it like that…”
“And photos are different to videos because they trigger your memory rather than replace it like videos do.”
I stood with drink in hand as he turned to talk to someone else. What an amazing observation. What do you think?
Update: contrary to popular belief, the above picture is not of me at work...

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  1. When MTV first appeared on the scene, I vehemently rejected the new music videos. For me, music was all about my own internal sense of things, my own vision, not someone else's. So I can totally "get" what your friend meant by this statement.