Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our numbers and my favourite Jewish joke

The time has come to share.

We are 27 people shy of having 7,000 signups on the site. And I am not including research participants.

Of these signups, 1,085 of them have started projects. Many have more than one project under their belts. Can't imagine why so many sign up but never start a project.

We have had 2,493 projects take place.

With 4,586 invited participants.

Sending a total of 39,815 entries.

Look into these figures whichever you like. But let me sum up by telling you my favourite joke. A Jewish Joke (all the very best ones are):

Old Jewish man is knocked over by a car on 5th Avenue. Crowds gather before a paramedic arrives and gently rests the old man's head on his knee.

"Sir, are you comfortable?" asks the paramedic
"I make a living" the old man replies.



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