Friday, March 23, 2012

Things I don't know

I know I conceived EthOS and briefed our developers. But this means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Here is an analogy:

"Steve! I want to build something that looks like a horse but goes faster than a horse allowing two people to sit on it. It needs to have 4 legs too and not have a mind of it's own. And it can't poo everywhere either."

" Why does it need 4 legs? We can use wheels..."

"Wheels? What are wheels?"

"They go round and round helping your thing to drive forward. We can also use something called a combustion engine to make it work too!"

"Why not steam?"

And so it went on. I began to realise that rather than trying to explain the mechanisms, I should simply focus on the end result. And then listen to the solutions the expert(s) came up with.

So hear is something which was discussed in a meeting the other day. 'How can we use EthOS to build a panel?' Not a pre-recruited panel but a self recruited one.

Here is the scenario: You open a magazine and see a QR code to scan with an explanation/invitation (to get onboard a study). You scan and download the app with the project already embedded. No sign up, no accepting the project! It's all there - tasks, tags and questions. Ready to go.

There is no limit to where these can be used. I would, for example, love to allow people to download the primed apps in car parks around Florence Italy: "Download the app and share the best parts and the most frustrating parts of your visit."

See what I mean?

I asked 'Steve' how we could make this work. His reply, which knocked me over, was that it already works! We just need to do it. And do it we will, though not by ourselves.

Will share more when I know more.


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