Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some pictures

I have been walking up and down from my Hotel on 8th Avenue and 36th Street to Time Square which is on 7th Avenue (or thereabouts) and 44th Street. This is where the ARF convention is being held. Not a terribly long walk but a wonderful photo opportunity. Many photos in fact. And I took them all on my little baby Canon S90. In case you are wondering, the S90 is basically aCanon G11, only with a better lens and a much smaller body. But don't take my word for it. Here is what Ken Rockwell says about my camera.

Why do I trust Ken Rockwell? There are three simple reasons:

1 He has no agenda. He is not on any brand's payroll.
2 On his site he points out the good and bad in all camera brands and, unlike me, he seems brand agnostic.
3 I shared his link with several friends including my brother in law. Together we have made it into our benchmark destination when exploring anything to do with cameras. Remember the four step selection post? Without benchmarking, I can't select a final choice. And brother in law's collaboration/complicity adds to the fun of the browsing journey and provides backup when I need to persuade my wife to spend money on a yet another camera or lens we don't really need.

Enjoy the photos and please note, they are straight off the SD card. No photoshopping or retouching whatsoever. Oh, and as a rule I never use flash.


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